Creative Career Starter | High Schoolers

Want to make a successful career out of your creative talents?

As a high school art student, it can be hard to know how to channel your creative skills into a successful career. My courses below help high school art students translate their creative talents into creative careers and find the education they’ll need.

This mini-course will help you link your creative skills and interests to a professional creative career and the education you’ll need. And help you focus your portfolio as you prepare to apply to a college design program you’ll love.


“Students can get down on themselves and don't see being a creative as something to be proud of. Chris's motivating words and thoughtful knowledge of creative careers is exactly what they need. He inspires students to think more deeply and ask more questions.”

— Kat Cramer, High School Art Educator

Creative Career Pathway Program

Connecting with a creative career you’ll love requires assessing your skills and interests, discovering the many careers available to talented creative people (like you!) and connecting with the college majors and programs needed to make it all happen. It also requires a focused portfolio that aligns with the college design programs you’re applying to. If you’re not sure where to start, the Creative Career Pathway Program is right for you.

In four 1-hour sessions, we’ll work together via Zoom on all of the above. Each session will have self-guided assignments that we’ll review together as you move towards applying to college design programs that are right for you. We’ll spend time strengthening and editing portfolio projects and developing ideas for additional work. When you book this program, you’ll send me samples of your creative work (pdf or jpg) to review to kick things off.