Conversations with creative professionals that will energize your job search and help you get your first creative job.

Learn the secrets of a successful creative job search from award-winning creative pros. Each episode, I interview a young, creative professional about the steps they took to go from high school art student to design school grad to successful employee at a creative firm. Join us!

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  • Your Job Search in the Age of COVID-19

    A conversation with Jeremy Schwartz, Chief Creative Officer/Founder of Truth Collective. Since so many of you are feeling anxious and unsure of how to proceed with your job search in this age of Covid-19, I’ve asked Jeremy Schwartz to join us and give us his thoughts on the process. Jeremy is the Chief Creative Officer and one of the founders of Truth Collective, an innovative and nimble agency that relies on young creative talent to help deliver smart and disruptive work to their broad range of clients. Jeremy has a lot of really solid insights to help you navigate these uncharted waters, so have a listen. To see their work visit

  • Thriving as a Designer When You're Not Great at Design

    A conversation with Mike Burpoe, lead UI/UX Designer at Punchmark in Charlotte, NC. Mike talks about finding success in the design world when you are not necessarily the most talented visual designer. So many other talents matter, and he has them. In a wide-ranging conversation, Mike discusses being in high school and wanting to work in the creative industry as well as what it takes to impress him during an interview!

  • Relationships and Your First Job + Telling Your Creative Story

    A conversation with Margaret Sommers, Product Designer at LendingClub in San Francisco.  Margaret discusses managing her personal life and her new professional life while relocating for that first job. She also discusses focusing your portfolio AND your story as a way to win an interview. 

    Margaret graduated with a degree in Graphic Design in May 2018 and after a few interviews at various design firms, chose to become a product designer in the financial technology (FinTech) industry.

    To see her work visit:

  • How to get your first UX Design Job

    A conversation with Liz Wells, Senior UX Designer, Stink Studios in Brooklyn NY. Liz gives us an overview of the UX Design world and discusses the skills she looks for in the young designers she interviews. Liz also shares advice about preparing your portfolio, the interview process and surviving the first couple months on a new job.

    Liz Wells graduated with a degree in Graphic Design in May 2015 and in 4 short years has risen from UX intern to Senior User Experience Designer. She has been recognized by The One Show, The Webbys, Communication Arts and was a finalist for Young Guns 15 by The One Club for Creativity. You can check her work out at